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Park Hyung-Sik Age, Bio, Height, Personal Life, Career and Net Worth

Park Hyung-Sik excels in singing, acting, and dancing. He uses the stage name Hyungsik as well. Before starting his acting profession, Park began his career as a singer. After a few modeling jobs and appearances in music videos, he gained popularity as a member of the 9-member boy band ZE: A.

Park Hyung started his acting career in 2010 with small roles before becoming well-known for his supporting performance in the hugely popular television drama “Heirs” in 2013. Then, in 2014, he played a lead role in the critically praised drama “What Happened to My Family,” followed by “High Society,” “Hwarang,” and “Strong Lady Do Bong Soon.”

Real NamePark Hyung-Sik
Stage NameHyungsik
ProfessionSinger, actor, and dancer
Well-known forSinging

Early life of Park Hyung

The early life of Park Hyung

Park Hyung was born in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, on November 16, 1992. He belongs to a wealthy family, and he enjoyed a wonderful upbringing. His mother teaches piano, while his father serves on the board of directors at B.M.W. Korea.

Park’s mother and grandmother are Buddhists. Park Hyung’s Buddhist name is Hyung Sik. His name is written both in Hanja and in Korean. He performed in school plays and concerts while attending a music school. Hyung-Sik is enrolled in martial arts and performs well in komodo. Nonetheless, he chose not to proceed further playing sports in spite of the coaches’ efforts to convince him to do so.

After graduating from high school, Park Hyung joined a program at the University of Digital Cultural Arts to study arts and acting, from which he earned his degree in 2009. Before finishing his schooling, the young actor started working as a fashion model and fashion demonstrator. Even by European standards, his height, excellent physical condition, and talent allowed him to work with top Korean modeling agencies.

Date of birthNovember 16, 1992
Place of birthYongin, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea

Career of Park Hyung

The Career of Hyung-Sik

Park Hyung began performing in early 2009 after being hired to play the male lead in Jewellery S’s music video for the song “Date” due to his attractiveness.
Around the same time, Park Hyung-Sik also began modeling and participated in a number of uniform manufacturers’ advertising campaigns.

By then, the band ZE: A had been established, and Park and his teammates made their reality television debut in the episode “Debut Diary.”

Park Hyung’s First Album

Firstly, the band’s first album, “Nativity” was published in 2010, and the album’s lead hit, “Mazeltov,” received much positive feedback from listeners.
When the album was released on January 7th, it immediately went to the top of numerous Korean charts. The band then started doing a number of guerilla concerts across the country, successfully building up expectations for them.

Next, the group began an Asian tour in July 2010 after releasing the popular album “Leap for Detonation.” In order to better serve their Japanese fans, the band released their next album in December. Entitled “Love Letter/My Only Wish,” the record debuted at number two on the Oricon music chart. After that, his first significant role in a TV show was in the 2012 SBS drama “I Remember You.” During that year, in the television show “Dummy Mommy,” he portrayed the struggling young singer of an independent band.

Then, he gained more popularity for his parts in the drama “Sirius,” in which Park played the younger self of twins with opposing personalities. Many people praised his performance.

Onward from 2013

However, the most successful year of Park Hyung Sik’s acting career was 2013. His work on the army television series “Real Men,” wherein he portrayed a naive and endearing-appearing soldier, earned him the title “Baby Soldier”.

Besides, his next project in 2013 was “The Heirs,” a drama series in which his performance was praised critically and commercially. Park Hyung Sik won three KBS awards for his role in the 2014 program “What’s with This Family,” he was beginning to establish himself as a bankable actor.

Moreover, in 2015, Park appeared in the drama “High Society,” in which he portrayed the second major role of a store manager who falls in love with a part-time employee. Also, the series was broadcast in Japan, where Park also attained popularity. Further, early in 2016, Park began appearing in the high-budget historical drama “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth,” where he portrayed Sammaekjong, a young and untrustworthy monarch.

Furthermore, Park played a CEO in the romantic comedy-drama series “Strong Ladies Do Bong Quickly,” one of the most rewarding roles of his career.
2017 Park signed a deal with United Artists Agency, representing some of the top Korean music artists.

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Height, Weight, Star Sign, Age, and Net Worth

Park Hyung is 32 as of 2024. His height is 183 cm, and he weighs around 65 kg. The zodiac sign he was born under is Scorpio, and his wealth totals approximately $12 million.

Age32 years old
Height 183 cm
Weight65 kg
Star signScorpio
Net worth$12 million

Personal Life

Personal Life

According to the rumors, he is dating the co-star of his film “Strong Women Do Bong-soon.”In a recent interview, Park revealed that Park Bo Young is the only lady he truly loves. Even though the couple never denied the rumors,. Their hot chemistry off-screen and frequent public appearances together almost prove their relationship.

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts
  1. Hyung-Sik is an enthusiastic participant in water sports and holds a license for open-water scuba diving. He spent years studying Gumdo, a martial technique derived from Japanese Kendo.
  2. Park discussed being harassed as an idol trainee on episode 196 of the chat show Healing Camp. He suffered from depression as a result of the bullying’s negative mental effects.
  3. It’s a widely known fact that Park Hyung is part of a group that includes BTS’ V, Park Seo-Joon, and Choi Woo-shik.
  4. He likes spicy food so much that he often dips it in chili sauce. Even if you can handle spice well, this sauce is notoriously strong and spicy and will probably burn your mouth.
  5. Park Hyung-Sik held the life motto “Let’s love each other” when he made his K-pop idol debut in 2010.



Ronin Pop2011
Justin And The Knights Of Valour2013
Two Lights: Relúmĭno2017
Juror 82019

Drama Series

Strong Girl Nam-Soon2023
Doctor Slump2024

Television shows

The Romantic & Idol2012
Real Men2013-2014
Law Of Jungle: Indochina2015
In The Soop: Friendship Trip2022

Music video appearances

Hot & Cold2013
Gyopo Hairstyle2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the relationship between Park Hyung Sik and V?

Indeed, Kim Taehyung and Park Hyung Sik are good friends. They have collaborated on numerous series, including Jimmy’s Kitchen, In the Soop: Friendcation, and Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth.

Q2. Does Park Hyung have a crush?

Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik generally found their romantic emotions for one another, and their current reunion fueled the speculation.

Q3. What religion is Park Hyung?

He follows the Buddhist religion because his grandparents follow it.

Q4. Why is Park Hyung popular?

His ten-year career, which appearances in television classics have highlighted. Audiences have praised and admired him for his roles in The Heirs, Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, and Strong Girl Bong Soon.

Q5. Is Park Hyung Sik skilled in martial arts?

Hyung-Sik spent years studying the martial art of Gumdo, which is descended from Japanese Kendo.


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