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Park Seo-Joon Bio, Age, Height, Personal Life, Career and Net Worth

A good-looking and passionate actor from South Korea has appeared in many well-known TV dramas. The real name of Park Seo-Joon is Park Yong Gy. In Korea, Park Seo is most known for his appearances in the television series “She Was Beautiful,” “Pots of Gold,” “Kill Me,” “Heal Me,” “One Warm Word,” and “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth.”
He also made an appearance in the films “Perfect Game,” “The Chronicles of Evil,” “Midnight Runners,” and “The Beauty Inside.

In particular, Seo Joon was quite attractive to women due to both his excellent looks and his intense passion for acting. He also has a famous YouTube channel and has earned a Gold Play Button for his services to the video-sharing website. In order to appreciate and show his love to his supporters, at his very first fan event in the Goyang Seoul Imnuri Center, he encountered almost 2,500 admirers.
His devoted fan base has made him popular. He organized a fan gathering in the Goyang Eoullimnuri Arts Center, which about 2500 individuals attended.

Real NamePark Yong Gy
Stage NamePark Seo-Joon
Well-known forActing

Early Life of Park Seo

Early Life of Park Seo

Park Seo was born in Seoul, South Korea on December 16, 1988. Park grew up in Seoul, South Korea, in a rich family. He received his early schooling at a local high school. In middle school, he first became interested in the entertainment business.

Throughout high school, he received encouragement to pursue his professional actor goal. In order to pursue his ambition of becoming an actor, he finally decided to enroll at the Seoul University of the Arts.

Park Seo’s father’s name is Joon. He works as a government official, while Park Seo’s mother, Mrs. Joon, is a homemaker. He has two younger siblings. Par entered the military in 2008 at the age of 19, and he was released from service in 2010. He is an atheist. His ethnicity is South Korean, and his astrological sign is Sagittarius.

Date of birthDecember 16, 1988
Place of birthSeoul, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean
EthnicitySouth Korean
Father nameJoon
Mother nameNot known

Career of Park Seo


By appearing in the music video for Bang Yong-single Guk’s “I Remember,” Park Seo debuted in the music business in 2011.

Park played a role the film “Perfect Game” that same year. Following this, he worked on the TV shows “Shut Up Family” and “Dream High 2.” The 2013 motion pictures “Pots of Gold,” “Drama Festival,” and “One Warm Word” subsequently cast the actor.

Years ago, Park made an appearance as Yoon Dong-ha in TV drama “Witch’s Romance” as well as The One’s music video. He hosted the SBS Drama Awards in 2014. After that, he appeared in the films The Chronicles of Evil and The Beauty Inside in 2015, and the television series Kill Me, Heal Me, and She Was Beautiful.

Later, he contributed to the television program “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth.” Moreover, he was cast as Go Dong-man in the 2017 drama “Fight for My Way” and Hwang Ki-Joon in the movie “Midnight Runners.” Further, he signed an agreement with Content Y that expired in June 2018, and a month later, he signed with Amazing ENT. He has been managed by Amazing ENT for many years.

Furthermore, Park co-starred with Park Min Young in the 2018 romantic comedy-drama What’s Up with Secretary Kim on TVN. His performance in the popular series earned him praise from reviewers, earning him the title “master of the romantic comedy” in the Korean media.

Social Media Accounts

  1. Instagram
  2. Facebook
  3. Weibo  
  4. Youtube

Height, Age, Star Sign, and Net Worth

Park Seo is 35 as of 2024. His height is 6′ 0″, and he has a weight of approximately 69 kilograms. Born under the Sagittarius sign, his total wealth is estimated to be around $21 million.

Age35 years old
Height 6 feet
Weight69 kg
Star signSagittarius
Net worth$21 million

Personal Life of Park Seo

Personal Life

Park Seo Joon doesn’t have a girlfriend.

Park Seo and Park Min-young

Firstly, he reportedly dated Park Min-young in the past, although they never admitted their relationship in the media.

Park Seo and Baek Jin-hee

Then, a magazine claimed in 2015 that Park Seo Joon was dating TV star Baek Jin-hee. Given that they both worked on the highly famous television program Pots of Gold, the general public easily accepted the rumor.

Park Seo and Kim Ji Won

Again, there were rumors that Park was involved in a relationship with Kim Ji Won. People thought their relationship, both on and off the screen, was too obvious. They are contributing to the South Korean television program Fight My Way, which premiered in 2017.

Interesting Facts of Park Seo-Joon

  1. Park Seo entered the military in 2008 at the age of 19, and he was released from service in 2010.
  2. During the Gangwon Province forest fire, he donated a large donation to Hope Bridge of KRW100 million (about RM341,646). Also, Park gave Daegu Metropolitan City KRW 100 million for COVID-19 relief efforts.
  3. Despite Seo Joon’s claim that he doesn’t have many friends, Hwarang got very close to a number of his castmates while shooting the drama.
  4. In addition, he has a popular YouTube channel and often provides a wide range of content.
  5. Moreover, this actor is a native Korean speaker who also speaks Spanish at an intermediate level, but he acknowledges that he can understand it better than he can speak it.



Be With You2018
The Marvels2023

Drama Series

Fight For My Way2017
What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim2018
Itaewon Class2020
Record Of Youth2020

Music Video Appearance

I Remember2011
One Two Three Four2014
Dream All Day2017
Gyopo Hairstyle2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is Prince Yan Marvel?

Park Seo-joon is Prince Yan D’Aladna in the MCU, and he doesn’t have the Davie Bowie-esque lightning bolt image over his eye. In this film, he feels like a warrior prince, something the 616-universe Prince Yan really wasn’t. Or didn’t seem to be. We’ll learn more when The Marvels hits theaters on November 10.

Q2. How old is Park Seo?

Park Seo is 35 as of 2024.

Q3. Why is Park Seo in London?

In order to promote The Marvels, Park updated his supporters on his life in London. On his official channel on YouTube, Park published a video of his everyday routine in London on January 17.

Q4. Is Park Seo married?

Currently, he is single.

Q5. Are Park Seo Joon and V friends?

In case you didn’t know, both guys are excellent real-life buddies. They frequently can be seen joking about with each other on stage or supporting one another on different reality shows.


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