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So Ji-sub Bio, Age, Height, Personal Relationship, Career and Net Worth

So Ji-sub is a popular actor from South Korea who has appeared in an extensive number of television programs. Before entering the television industry, he was a model for Jeans. So Ji became well-known after being selected in 2002 for “Glass Slippers” on SBS. Then he starred in “I’m Sorry, I Love You” as the hero. After this movie, he rose to fame, and his following only grew.

Because of his starring role in TV series “What Happened in Bali,” he has gained fame. Further, he appeared in movies and television shows starring Ji-Sub like “Alienoid,” “Confession,” “Be With You,” “The Battleship Isle,” “The Throne,” “A Company Man,” “Doctor Lawyer,” “Sorry, I Love You,” “Phantom,” “Rough Cut,” and others.

In addition, he launched a magazine called “SONICe” for his fans that had articles about dating advice, food, books, music, and picture essays. He has also recorded a number of rap tunes as a rapper. His most recent song, “So Ganzi,” was published in 2015 and welcomed warmly by his followers.

NameSo Ji-sub
Well-known forActing

Early Life of Su Ji

Early Life of Su Ji

So Ji was born in Seoul, South Korea, on November 4, 1977. So Ji belongs to a broken family; his parents divorced when he was a little kid. He has a sister in Australia who is older than him. He was a very insecure child who grew into a quiet, introverted teenager. So Ji was also physically thin as a child; therefore, at age ten, he began swimming lessons.

He developed such a strong passion for swimming that he even competed in “The National Korean Games” and took home a bronze medal. The fact is that he had to work extremely hard for ten years to get this achievement. So Ji studied at Kwangsung Middle School and Kwangsung High School for his education. He completed his graduation from Korea National Sports University, Chungwoon University.

He was hired as a jeans model “by chance” in 1995. So Ji went with his friend to the modeling audition for the “STORM” clothing line. Intriguingly, So Ji was chosen while his friend was not. So Ji claimed that he wasn’t interested in getting famous but that he was so excited about hip-hop that he didn’t want to decline a chance to take pictures with Kim Sung-Jae.

Date of birthNovember 4, 1977
Place of birthSeoul, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean
EthnicityNot known
ReligionNot known

Career of So Ji

The Career of So Ji

In 1996, Ji began his career as an actor in the TV comedy “Three Men and Three Girls.” After that,  in 1997, he had appeared in the SBS drama series “Model”.

Firstly, he wasn’t given much attention in the beginning. Between 1997 and 2002, he made a few TV appearances. I Hate You, But It’s OK (1998), Wang Rung’s Land (2000), Because of You (2000), Joa, Joa (2000), Cheers for the Women (2000), Tasty Proposal (2001), Law Firm (2002), and “We Are Dating Now” are a few of these.

Next, In 2002, he achieved fame because of his significant performance in “Glass Slippers”. he premiered as an actor in the critically acclaimed 2004 drama “I’m Sorry, I Love You,” playing a young street artist whose parents abandoned him before eventually adopting him. With this role, he became well-known.

After that, after a long absence, he returned in 2008 with “Rough Cut,” a film about a thug who also wanted to be an actor. Against all odds of limited funding, the movie triumphed magnificently, smashing box office records with its undeniable charm and appeal. Both his followers and the critics praised his performance.

Onward from 2009

Next, after acting in a few films and TV shows, he appeared in “Sophie’s Revenge,” a Chinese romantic comedy, alongside Zhang in 2009. Later, in order to explore different markets, he joined the Chinese agency “ATN Entertainment.”

Additionally, Ji returned to the Korean drama “Cain and Abel” which was focused on a sibling rivalry between two doctors. Both the critics and the fans praised his acting in the series, which earned him numerous honors and awards.

In addition, He worked as a workaholic investigator in the 2012 television drama “Phantom.” In 2013, he also featured in the motion picture “Company Man” and later had an appearance in the horror film “Master’s Sun.” Moreover, He had the lead role in the historical action movie “Battleship Island” in 2017. So Ji will appear in the 2018 drama “Now I Will Meet You” with Son Ye-jin, with whom he previously collaborated in the 2001 drama “Delicious Proposal.”

Further, So Ji is a rapper in addition to being an actor. In 2008, he went by the stage name “G,” and he delivered rap verses for the songs “Lonely Life” and “Foolish Love.” In 2011, he independently released his next track, “Pick Up Line.”

Furthermore, his subsequent songs include “Corona Borealis” (2012), “6 PM…Ground” (2013), “18 Years” (2014), and “So Ganzi” (2015).

Social Media Accounts

Height, Weight, Star Sign, Age, and Net Worth

So Ji will be 47 in November, as of 2024. His height is 1.82m, and weighing in at 70 kg, he’s a Scorpio whose net worth dazzles at $41 million.

Age47 years old
Height 1.82 m
Weight70 kg
Star signScorpio
Net worth$41 million

Personal Life

So ji with his wife

In the year 2020, he married Cho Un-Jeong who also works as an actress. Ji-Sub consequently met his wife while she was advertising her movie “Be With You” on television. Following that, they started dating and later declared they would get married in 2020.


29th Blue Dragon Film Awards in 2008

Best New Actor for Rough Cut

28th Critics Choice Awards in 2008

Best Actor for Rough Cut

45th Baeksang Arts Awards in 2009

Best New Actor for Rough Cut

19th Korean Culture Entertainment Award in 2011

Grand Award for acting for Always

SBS Drama Awards in 2012

Best Actor(drama special), Ten Star Award for Phantom

SBS Drama Awards in 2013

Best Actor(mini-series), Ten Star Award for The Master’s Sun

KBS Drama Awards in 2015

Best Actor, Best Couple Award for Oh My Venus

MBC Drama Awards in 2018

Grand Prize, Best Actor for My Secret, Terrius

Interesting Facts

  1. Before he became an actor So Ji spent eleven years becoming a competent swimmer.
  2. So preferred number is 51 since, according to him, there is a significant difference between 49 and 51, and he wants to shoot for 51 percent of everything.
  3. So Ji, in the Mapo District, enlisted in the military in 2005 as a public relations officer. He was also appointed the Gangwon Province’s goodwill ambassador in an effort to draw more visitors.
  4. In the province, a road was also named in his honor (So Ji-sub Road).
  5. In addition, A compilation of So Ji-photo Sub’s essays, “So Ji-Journey,” Sub’s was released in 2010. Then, in 2011, he released “Just You with So Ji,” his second photo essay book. He released “SONICe Vol. 1,” a magazine, in 2012.
  6. Next, The National Police Agency chose him to serve as a promotional ambassador to raise public awareness of crime prevention.



The Throne2015
The Battleship Island2017
Be With You2018

Drama Series

Warm And Cozy2015
Oh My Venus2015-2016
My Secret Terrius2018
Doctor Lawyer2022

Music Video Appearances

Some Kind Of Story2012
18 Years2014
Boy Go2014

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is So Ji Sub’s wife?

In 2020, he married Cho Un-Jeong, who also works as an actress.

Q2. Who is the best friend of So Ji?

Ji Sub’s best friend was Park Yong Ha’s. On the ninth anniversary of his passing, Ji Sub pays a visit to Park Yong Ha’s grave at A Koala’s Playground.

Q3. Does So Ji have a tattoo?

He has a partial tattoo on his right arm and a detailed half-piece on his back. The actor from I’m Sorry, I Love You explained in an interview that the tattoo on his back indicates, “I won’t change even if I’m reborn.”

Q4. Does So ji sub have an Instagram ID?

Yes, he has an Instagram account.

Q5. How much is his net worth?

His net worth is about $41 million.

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