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Lee Jong Suk Bio, Age, Height, Personal Life,Career and Net Worth

Lee Jong Suk is one of the youngest and most famous Hallyu stars active today and is a South Korean actor and model. Lee is popular among his female fans for his charming and masculine appearance. Currently, advertisements, dramas, and movies all want to hire him.

In 2005, he debuted as a fashion model in South Korea’s entertainment sector, becoming the event’s youngest male participant in history. Jong Suk is well-known for his work in the South Korean TV drama “School 2013” and movies like “Hot Young Blood.”
He gained attention due to his participation in the South Korean television drama “School 2013,” which addressed problems that most young Koreans experience, such as bullying and school violence. The program was a hit and received various awards.

Also, he has already had prominent roles in movies including “The Face Reader” and “Hot Young Blood.” Lee has built a large fan base due to his performance, in addition to winning numerous awards, such as the Korea Drama Award and the Korean Popular Culture & Arts Award.

NameLee Jong Suk
ProfessionActor and model
Well-known forActing and modeling

Early Life of Lee Jong

Early Life of Lee Jong

Lee Jong was born on September 14, 1989, in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. Kim Jong-suk is Lee’s father name, while his mother’s name is Lui. Lee’s father suffered an accident injury when he was three years old, and he never fully recovered.
He was a shy kid who didn’t learn how to interact with others until he finished high school.

Lee graduated from Konkuk University in 2016 with a double major in professional motion pictures and art. He had a very typical childhood and was raised in a middle-class family. Lee Jong had a longtime passion for the arts, especially performing and modeling. He continued to follow this interest and became well-known in the entertainment sector.

Date of birthSeptember 14, 1989
Place of birthYongin, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean
EthnicityNot known
ReligionNot known
Father nameKim Jong-suk
Mother nameNot known

Career of Lee Jong


At the age of 15, Lee Jong Suk started his modeling career in 2005. He made his runway debut during the Seoul Collection program at Seoul Fashion Week as the youngest male model ever. Since then, he has participated in numerous fashion shows.

After some time, he made his acting debut in the 2010 South Korean TV drama “Prosecutor Princess.” In the same year, Lee debuted in the horror film “Ghost.” He became well-known for performing as a musical prodigy in the 2010 South Korean television drama “Secret Garden.” The series was very popular.

Onward from 2012

In addition, he became more popular after playing a part in the 2012 television production “School 2013,”. Lee’s performance was praised, and he received his first acting award for it
Lee was offered an important part in the 2013 South Korean drama series “I Can Hear Your Voice” following the popularity of “School 2013”. The television show was a hit, and Lee’s outstanding performance earned him the “Korea Drama Award.”

Next, he appeared in the romantic comedy movie “Hot Young Blood” and the medical drama series “Doctor Stranger” in 2014. Both the movie and the drama series performed well and received numerous awards. Then, in the same year, Lee Jong became well-known for being a part of the South Korean drama series “Pinocchio,” where he portrayed a fair and truthful reporter in a society where everyone strives to conceal the truth. The program became extremely popular and was broadcast in many countries. Lee’s performance was praised and received numerous honors, including the “Grimae Award” for Best Actor.

TV show “W”

Moreover, in 2016, he was featured as the male lead in the South Korean TV show “W”.The show received appreciation for its different storylines. It received numerous awards and was aired in many nations, including Indonesia and the Philippines.

Lee’s popularity began to rise internationally, particularly in China. In his debut Chinese drama series, “Jade Lovers,” he was cast in 2017. Further, he appeared in the South Korean drama series “While You Were Sleeping” and the South Korean thriller movie “VIP” in the same year. Furthermore, in 2019, he co-starred with Lee Na-young in his debut romantic comedy-drama, Romance Is a Bonus Book.

Social Media Accounts

Height, Weight, Star Sign, Age, and Net Worth

Lee Jong will be 35 in September as of 2024. His height is 5 feet, 5 inches (1.86 m), and he weighs around 66 kg. His star sign is Virgo, and his net worth is about $60 million.

Age35 years old
Height 5 feet, 5 inches
Weight66 kg
Star signVirgo
Net worth$60 million

Personal Life

With regard to their relationship, Lee Jong Suk’s girlfriend, as far as we know, Lee is in a relationship with singer-actress IU, which Lee’s agency officially announced on December 31, 2022.
The couple’s relationship, which began four months before the announcement, was also confirmed by the agency working on behalf of IU.

There is a rumor that Lee Jong and Han Hyo Joo are dating because of their appearance in the drama W Two Worlds. They both denied it, but their chemistry also caused some admirers to wonder. However, the actress remained silent after Lee Jong stated that he felt at ease around Hyo.

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts
  1. He was a former trainee with SM Entertainment. He spent three months practicing his art as a rapper for the idol group “Real,” but he gave up after the agency failed to fulfill its promise to make his acting debut.
  2. Jung Ji Hoon, better known as Rain, one of the first Oppas he met, served as an inspiration for him to pursue acting. Together, they appeared in the 2012 film R2B: Return to Base.
  3. Additionally, Lee Jong founded his company, Café 89Mansion, since he likes to hang out at coffee shops and have wonderful conversations with his friends.
  4. Kim Woo Bin is one of his closest pals in the business. They both explored modeling in addition to acting. They appeared in school in 2013 together.
  5. He has scopophobia, which is the fear of being noticed. The actor grows anxious as a huge group of people start to pay attention to him.



Hot Young Bloods2014
The Face Reader2013
As One2012

Drama Series

I Can Hear Your Voice2013
While You Were Sleeping2017
Romance Is a Bonus Book2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it true about IU and Lee Jong-suk?

The actor claimed that when he first met the singer, he was just in his mid-20s and had already developed genuine affection for her. When their agencies announced that musician IU and actor Lee Jong were dating, the couple sent their fans a message wishing them a Merry New Year and thanking them for their support.

Q2. How long have IU and Lee Jong been friends?

Their official fan café letters show that Lee Jong-Suk and IU started dating in 2022. Lee added that IU has been a close friend of his since 2012.

Q3. Why is Lee Jong so famous?

Lee Jong is renowned for When you were sleeping, I could hear your voice, Doctor Crush, Pinocchio, and W: The Two Worlds. People genuinely enjoy watching these dramas, and he also performs admirably on screen.

Q4. Does Lee Jong like Suzy?

The incredible chemistry between Suzy and Lee Jong-suk was just as evident outside of the play While You Were Sleeping. 

Q5. Does Lee Jong have Instagram?

His official Instagram ID is (이종석) (@leejongsuky) 

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