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Morgan Osman Bio, Age, Height, Personal Life, Career, and Net Worth

Morgan Osman, a social media star and Instagram model located in the US, was born on July 24, 1988. She was just made famous during a fight with other passengers after being ejected from a flight. In the footage, Osman was loudly scolding and using bad language toward another passenger while taking her luggage from the overhead compartment. She is widely recognized for posting her stunning modeling photos on Instagram.

She currently has nearly a million followers on the photo-sharing platform. Discover additional information regarding her age, height, Wikipedia page, financial worth, romantic partner, biography, weight, physique stats, family background, cultural background, parental figures, brothers and sisters, citizenship, faith, and noteworthy details.

NameMorgan Osman
ProfessionSocial media star and Instagram model
Well-known forModeling photos on Instagram

Early Life of Osman

Morgan Osman

Osman was born on July 24, 1988, in Florida, USA, and currently resides in Miami, Florida, USA. Her ethnicity is mixed, and she holds American nationality.

Usually, Osman keeps her family private, but she once published a picture of her grandparents on Instagram. She revealed that she was just 8 years old when her grandfather passed away.

Although Osman’s parent’s names are not known, it is confirmed that her parents got divorced. Her father, a black man, raised her. She attended Miami Dade College for higher studies after completing elementary school.

Date of birthJuly 24, 1988
Place of birthFlorida, USA

Career of Morgan

Morgan Osman

Initially, Morgan Osman’s career launched on television. Morgan gained fame when she appeared on the hit television program Bad Girls Club. She was a member of the fifth season cast.

Next, Morgan appeared in yet another reality TV program after nearly three years. This time, she appeared in Miami Monkey on VH1. She starred in every one of the eleven episodes of the show. After that, she began to pursue modeling after her performances on two TV programs. Her latest TV appearance, Miami Monkey, is notable because she hasn’t been seen on TV for the past ten years.

Regarding her social media career, she first gained attention on Instagram for sharing her stunning photos with her fans. She has steadily gathered thousands of fans on the platform over the last few years. Moreover, she gained more than 400k followers in a single month in February 2022, and her following reached its peak. As of right now, she follows about 900 people and has more than 994k followers.

However, The L’ANIMAL Co., a clothing firm, employs her as a designer at the moment. She began by performing ad hoc tasks for them. But a lot of the clothing she created was quite successful.

As a result, the company opted to work with the influencer or designer on a long-term basis. She is frequently see creating ready-to-wear and swimwear. On the company’s official website, a large number of things are listed.

She expelled from an airliner in the middle of September 2023 following a heated confrontation with other passengers. She  heard saying several things throughout the altercation, including, “I’m Instagram famous.” However, the cause is unknown. A video of the incident quickly gained popularity on social media.

Social Media Accounts

Height, Weight, Star Sign, Age, and Net Worth

Morgan is 36 as of July 24, 1988She weighs approximately 60 kg and stands 5 feet, 8 inches tall. Her star sign is Leo, and her net worth is about $1–5 million.

Age36 years old
Height 5 feet, 8 inches
Weight60 kg
Star signLeo
Net worth$1-5 million

Personal Life

Morgan Osman

The marital status of Morgan is single.Originally, it was mentioned that she might be in a relationship with Sam Asghari. After Asghari and Britney Spears’s divorce in 2022,

She previously had a relationship with renowned German fashion designer Philipp Patrick Hannes Plein. The media frequently covered their relationship and created headlines about it.

Unfortunately, their relationship fizzled out over time and followed by accusations and scandals on both sides. Morgan even started a blog post to outline the specifics of what had happened between her and Philipp.

Interesting Facts

  1. Her real name is Morgan Britt Osman.
  2. She worked as a bartender before becoming well-known.
  3. Although she has 2,000 followers on Twitter, she is not active there.
  4. Morgan Osman feels she can get away with anything. Morgan, who claims to be the most attractive female in Miami, refuses to pay her rent or other expenses.
  5. She adores Sandra Bullock as an actress and Mark Wahlberg as an actor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is Morgan Osman?

Morgan is a social media star and Instagram model located in the US.

Q2. How old is Morgan?

Morgan is 36 as of July 24, 1988.

Q3. How tall is Morgan?

She stands 5 feet, 8 inches tall.

Q4. Is Morgan married?

The marital status of Morgan is single. It was initially reported that she might have dating Sam Asghari. After Asghari and Britney Spears’s divorce in 2022.

Q5. How much is Morgan’s net worth?

Her total wealth amounts to roughly $1-5 million.

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