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Izzy Sealey Bio, Age, Height, Personal Life, Career, and Net Worth

Izzy Sealey is a doctor, YouTuber, and social media celebrity who born in the UK in 1996. Her YouTube channel is most recognized for her productivity videos. On the platform, she amassed around 500,000 subscribers. Sealey is a talented young doctor who records her experiences in Cambridge and everyday life. She also collaborates on a podcast with her friends Matt Agustin and Ruri Ohama and offers the best time management and Chinese learning advice.

Additionally, Izzy has an Instagram account, a soothing voice, and interesting YouTube content. Discover additional information regarding her stature, age, Wikipedia page, financial worth, romantic partner, biography, body mass, familial background, cultural heritage, guardians, brothers and sisters, citizenship, faith, intriguing details, and additional details.

NameIzzy Sealey
ProfessionDoctor, YouTuber, and social media celebrity
Well-known forYoutube videos

Early Life Of Sealey

Early Life Of Sealey

Sealey was born in Sydney, Australia to an Australian family in 1996. She didn’t mention her birthday, just her birth year. Her nationality is British, and she has mixed ethnic ancestry with Chinese roots.

When she was four years old, she left her own country and traveled to London, UK. She had no intention of returning to Australia, even though many of her relatives still lived there. Izzy mentioned that she had a sister named Natalia. She has a very close relationship, even though her parents’ names are not known.

After completing her secondary school education at North London Collegiate School, she enrolled at the University of Cambridge. She first studied for a BA in Biological Anthropology before earning a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree in 2022.

Date of birthNot known
Place of birthSydney, Australia

Career Of Izzy

The Career Of Izzy

Izzy never imagined becoming a doctor when she was a child. Her enthusiasm for science, however, grew, and she began to appreciate the subject. Afterward, she applied to the University of Cambridge to study medicine, and in 2022, she graduated as a doctor.

She took a year out of school before beginning her last year to study Mandarin. She also started posting content on YouTube during this time. Although she started her YouTube channel in June 2014, the first video she ever uploaded wasn’t until 2021. When she first started, she primarily shared videos for productivity and language learning. She worked with Nathaniel Drew, a fellow YouTube celebrity, in August 2022 before she became particularly well-known.

How to Develop a British Accent Quickly (Modern RP) is one of her early popular videos, and it currently has around four million views. This film aided in the widespread distribution of her other videos. So, barely a year after starting to make videos, she had reached the 100,000 subscriber mark. She typically uploads several films each month but frequently takes a gap of many months to concentrate on her career.

Moreover, she currently has 14.8 million total video views and more than 470k subscribers. She also co-hosts the Milliseconds Apart podcast with two other influential people, Ruri Ohama and Matt Agustin.

Social Media Accounts

Height, Weight, Star Sign, Age, and Net Worth

Izzy is 28 as of as of 2024. She stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches and has an approximate weight of 55 kilograms. Her star sign is unknown, and her net worth is about $225,000.

Age28 years old
Height 5 feet, 6 inches
Weight55 kg
Star signNot known
Net worth$225,000

Personal Life

Personal Life

Izzy is not in a relationship and has never been involved in any romantic affairs outside of marriage. There are no gossips or scandals surrounding her personal life or career.

Interesting Facts

  1. While pursuing her medical degree, she took a year off to study Chinese.
  2. On Twitter, where she has roughly 3,000 followers, she is relatively active.
  3. There are no tattoos that can be seen on Izzy Sealey.
  4. There are no pets in Izzy’s home. Yet she adores plants and brought a number of them with her to her dorm at Cambridge.
  5. Make You Feel My Love by Adele was recently covered by Izzy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is Izzy Sealey?

Izzy, born in the UK in 1996, is a doctor, content creator on YouTube, and a popular figure on social media.

Q2. How old is Izzy?

Izzy is 28 as of 2024.

Q3. How tall is Izzy?

Her height is 5 feet, 6 inches.

Q4. Does Izzy have a husband?

Izzy is not in a relationship and hasn’t been involved in any other romantic affairs outside of marriage.

Q5. How much is Izzy Sealey’s Net Worth?

Izzy Sealey’s net worth is about $225,000.

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