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Tom Scott Age, Height, Personal Life ,Career and Net worth

Tom Scott is a web developer, entrepreneur, podcaster, social media celebrity, and YouTuber from England. For a decade, his primary YouTube channel was the source of his greatest recognition.

He regularly posted series on his channel, such as Build for Sciences, Amazing Places, Things You Might Know, and The Basics.

Tom is not just active on Instagram but also on other social networking sites.
His five YouTube channels have amassed approximately 7.61 million subscriber counts as of January 2024 and billions of views.

NameThomas Scott
Nick NameTom Scott
ProfessionWeb developer, Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Social media celebrity, and YouTuber 
Well-Known forYoutuber

Early life of Tom

Thomas Scott was born in Nottinghamshire’s Mansfield. He identifies as Marwan Abdelhamid in real life. He is British both in nationality and ethnicity. Although he’s becoming well-known, he still chooses to keep his family’s details off the internet. Therefore, we haven’t yet been able to locate any information regarding his parents or siblings.

He received a degree in linguistics and English language from the University of York. A Master of Arts in educational studies was later awarded to him.

Scott created a website in 2004 that was a spoof of the emergency response protocols of the British government, complete with instructions on what to do in the event of a zombie apocalypse. In response, the Cabinet Office demanded that the website be taken down.

At the 2008 Student Radio Awards, his radio program “The Technical Difficulties” on University Radio York took home the Kevin Greening Award. The Technical Difficulties was recently resurrected as a YouTube series and podcast on Scott’s channel.

Date of Birth26 November 1984
Place of BirthNottinghamshire’s Mansfield
Current ResidencyMansfield, Nottinghamshire, England
Mother NameUnknown
Father NameUnknown


In the beginning, Tom formed a comedy group called The Technical Difficulties with friends from university, Matt Gray, Chris Joel, and Gary Brannan. In 2010, he launched The Reverse Trivia Podcast with these group members. The podcast continued for several more years, ending in 2014.

He became a bit famous as a result of the podcast and began making guest appearances as a presenter and contestant on British TV shows, such as Gadget Geeks. Also he mentioned his profession as a web developer. He actually programmed games and online toys for a number of well-known companies, including Nokia.

Alongside Colin Furze and Charles Yarnold, Scott cohosted the 2012 season of Sky 1’s Gadget Geeks, where he was in charge of developing software solutions.
In 2013, Scott was featured on Tumblr for his work “Actual Facebook Graph Searches,” which revealed a potentially hazardous and embarrassing collection of public Facebook data utilizing Facebook’s Graph Search.


University of York, (2008)

In addition to organizing International Talk Like a Pirate Day in the UK, Scott was a successful candidate for the University of York’s student union president, portraying himself as “Mad Cap’n Tom”.

General Election in the UK, (2010)

Scott again campaigned as “Mad Cap’n Tom” in the 2010 mock election for the Westminster and Cities of London constituency, drawing attention to his participation in pirate-themed humor. After losing an argument with a friend that the 2010 Super Bowl would be lost, he declared he would run for parliament if the Saints prevaile

He included in his request for the removal of rum taxes, the teaching of “swordsmanship and gunnery” in schools, and a 50% tax on MP3 downloads featuring Cheryl Cole. Tom put his prospects of winning Westminster, a safe Conservative seat, as “somewhere ‘twixt a snowball’s chance in hell an’ zero.” However, He got 84 votes, or 0.2% of the total, cast.


Even though he started his YouTube channel in May 2006, he has only recently gained popularity. He mostly posted food-related videos, often featuring himself in strangely cooked meals.

He even gave the channel the name enyay. In 2013, his videos gained some traction and attained over 10,000 subscribers.

Additionally, Scott has a well-liked YouTube channel with more than 114 million views and 700,000 subscribers. Among his numerous projects are a regular series on Things You Might Not Know, Amazing Places, and explanations of computer security and linguistics.

In late 2015, Scott and his coworker Matt Gray started a joint YouTube channel called Matt and Tom. The two of them frequently sit on a park bench and talk about videos from Scott’s other channel, events from their past, trips, and work-related tales.

With over 60 million views, “We Sent Garlic Bread to the Edge of Space, Then Ate It” is one of his most popular viral videos. He has accumulated more than 6.28 million subscribers and 1.7 billion total video views in his more than ten years of creating videos.

On January 1, 2024, he formally announced his retirement from YouTube, having created and published remarkable video content for nearly ten years.

Social Media Accounts

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Height, Weight, Star Sign, Age, and Net Worth

In 2024, Tom will be 39 years old, 5 feet 9 inches tall, and 79 kilograms in weight. He has brown eyes and blonde hair. We don’t know his exact body measurements.
Tom has an estimated net worth of $1.75 million. He has developed several revenue streams over the previous few years. His main source of income as a full-time YouTuber is advertising.

Height5 feet 9 inches tall
Weight79 kilograms
Star SignSagittarius
Net Worth$1.75 million

Personal Life

Tom doesn’t have a spouse. He doesn’t appear to have a girlfriend either. It is possible, though, that he has a romantic relationship with someone but chooses to keep it a secret.

Interesting facts

  • He adores cats, and he keeps Prince Rupert as a pet.
  • Under the name “Mad Cap’n Tom,” he sought election to the Parliament in Westminster and London constituencies, but he was only able to garner 84 votes (0.2%).
  • With more than 825k subscribers, his second YouTube channel, Tom Scott Plus, features his experimental and unscripted videos.
  • Right now, his most popular video, “This Video Has 60,417,624 Views,” has received over 60 million views. Due to the title of the video displaying the exact number of views, it went viral.
  • He hosts a podcast called Lateralcast in which he interviews notable people, such as Marques Brownlee.
  • On his 115k-follower Instagram account, he posts his photos and rare snapshots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Tom Scott is well-known?

He is a web developer, podcaster, social media celebrity, YouTuber, presenter, and entrepreneur based in England.

Q2. Why Tom leave YouTube?

Noting the growing demands of the platform and the need for a more balanced life, well-known content creator Tom Scott is stepping down from his weekly YouTube videos. While mentioning his ongoing projects, like his newsletter and podcast, Scott reassures his audience that this break is temporary.

Q3. What is Tom Scot doing?

With regular highlights available on YouTube, He host of Lateral, a weekly podcast featuring thought-provoking questions and even more thought-provoking answers.

Q4. Is Tom Scot married?

Sorry, He is single, sorry.

Q5. To what extent is Tom Scott valuable?

Estimated value: $2.5 million.

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