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Nkwain Kennedy Age, Height, Career, Personal Life and Net Worth

Nkwain Kennedy Lamiress is an internet celebrity and amateur basketball player from Cameroon. His social media distribution of basketball-related videos has made him most famous.

Nkwain’s remarkable abilities and motivational tale have garnered him millions of social media fans.

Steph Curry, one of the best basketball players in the NBA, is among the few notable African talents who have shown interest in him.

Despite being only 23 years old, he has already succeeded in overcoming both cultural and geographic hurdles because to his incredible talent, unwavering commitment, and unbreakable spirit.

Real NameNkwain Kennedy Lamiress
Nick NameNkwain 
ProfessionInternet celebrity and amateur basketball player
Well-known forSocial Media and Basketball player

Early Life

At Bamenda, Cameroon, Nkwain Lamiress was born into a Cameroonian family. Because of his birthdate of October 27, 2000, he is a Scorpio in the zodiac. He goes by Nkwain as a nickname.

His parents, who are farmers and teachers, encouraged him to play basketball since he was a young child. Frequently, he with his sister and two younger brothers accompany him to his training sessions.

He is a member of the minority Anglophone ethnic group of Cameroon. Nkwain grew up with his parents and four siblings, leading to a contented and typical childhood. Basketball was his favorite sport, and he was always interested in playing it. Nkwain took an early interest in the sport and made the decision to make it his career.

He took inspiration from NBA players such as LeBron James, who was his idol. Nkwain also liked to watch TV shows and movies, as well as music videos. He was a bright student who achieved academic success and extracurricular activities. He graduated from Cameroon High School in 2020 with honors.

Date of BirthOctober 27, 2000
Place of BirthBamenda, Cameroon
Current ResidencyBamenda, Cameroon
Mother NameUnknown
Father NameUnknown


Nkwain chose to become a professional basketball player after falling in love with the sport at an early age. He did, however, confront numerous difficulties in his nation, which lags far behind in terms of basketball facilities and infrastructure. He was made to train using improvised tools including sticks, sandbags, water bottles, and rusted tires.

In addition, he had to deal with the unstable and hazardous circumstances in his area, which have been characterized by war and violence between rebel separatists and government authorities.

Despite these obstacles, Nkwain never gave up on his dream of making it to the NBA, the top basketball league in the world. He practiced the sport for hours every day, self-taught most of the techniques, and built his own gym inside his family house. He also recorded his training and gameplay clips and shared them on social media platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram.

Millions of people saw his films when they went viral, and they left them in awe of his skill, dedication, and enthusiasm. Prominent basketball figures, including Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors, Phil Handy of the Los Angeles Lakers, Johnny “Dribble2much” Stephen, Chris Paul’s ball-handling tutor, and two-time NBA champion Lamar Odom, also acknowledged and encouraged him.

Social Media Accounts

Twitter (X)



Height, Weight, Star Sign, Age, and Net Worth

In 2024, Nkwain will be 24 years old. He weighs about 74 kilograms and stands 6 feet 1 inch tall. His star sign is Scorpio. Lamiress’s eyes and hair are both black.

The estimated net worth of Nkwain Kennedy is $10,000. He comes from an average family and does not currently have a reliable source of income. Being a well-known internet celebrity, his primary source of income is sponsorships.

Height6 feet 1 inch
Weight74 kilograms
Star SignScorpio
Net Worth$10,000

Personal Life

As of right now, Nkwain is single and not dating anyone. He would rather not be distracted and concentrate on his basketball career. Regarding his relationships and past and present girlfriends, he has not disclosed any information.

Interesting Facts

  • On Instagram, he has over 707k followers.
  • There are no tattoos on his body.
  • He has over 3.2 million followers and 61.3 million likes overall on his Tiktok account.
  • On his 317k-subscribed YouTube account, he posts brief videos.
  • Prominent athletes like Kyrie Irving and Giannis Antetokounmpo follow him on Instagram.
  • Not only does he speak Lamnso, his native language, but he also speaks English, French, and Spanish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is Nkwain Kennedy?

His social media reel videos helped him gain popularity. Lamar Odom, the former player for the Los Angeles Lakers, gave Nkwain, an amateur basketball player from Cameroon, a box of goodies.

Q2. Why is Nkwain using social media?

In an effort to fulfill his basketball aspirations, Nkwain is showcasing his talent, work ethic, and drive on social media.

Q3. Did Nkwain play basketball?

From an early age, Nkwain participated in basketball regularly. After falling in love with the game, he decided to become a professional basketball player. His nation lacks facilities and infrastructure, and it lags far behind in basketball. He does not, however, consider them to be an explanation.

Q4. How old is Nkwain?

He is 23 years old.

Q5. How tall is Nkwain?

He stands 6 feet 1 inch tall.

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