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Samson Dauda Bio, Age, Height, Personal Life, Career, and Net Worth

Samson Dauda is a Nigerian bodybuilder and IFBB professional candidate who was born on March 11, 1992. In the bodybuilding world, he is often known as “The Nigerian Lion.”

He used to play rugby, but after hearing from multiple people that bodybuilding would be a better fit, he realized bodybuilding was his life’s passion.  Samson received instructions on how to train for the sport after chatting with the owner of a nearby gym. He recently defeated some of the greatest competitors in the world to win the coveted Arnold Classic 2023 in the men’s open bodybuilding class.

His most well-known accomplishment is his participation in multiple bodybuilding competitions, such as Mr. Olympia. He has been actively competing in bodybuilding competitions for the past nine years.

NameSamson Dauda
ProfessionBodybuilder and IFBB professional candidate
Well-known forBody building

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Early Life Of Samson

Samson came into the world on March 11, 1992 in Nigeria. He was raised in the UK after moving there when he was a little child. Samson’s ethnicity is black, and he holds both American and Nigerian nationalities. 

Even though he rose to prominence as a bodybuilder, he makes an effort to keep most of his details private. That is why we were unable to gather information about his parents or siblings. Dauda finished his basic high school education, but his post-secondary education is unknown. He was a professional rugby player when he first developed an interest in sports. When Samson was a teenager hoping to get better at football and derby, his passion for bodybuilding and self-improvement caught his attention.

Date of birthMarch 11, 1992
Place of birthNigeria
NationalityAmerican and Nigerian
ReligionNot known

Career of Samson

At first, Samson Dauda was interested in a career in sports. His favorite sport as a child was rugby, which he went on to play professionally.

Dauda’s interest in bodybuilding did not always exist. He began his career in the UK as a professional rugby player. Despite having a muscular build and natural athletic ability, he did not focus much on his diet or training. Although his coaches and teammates frequently told him that he had the potential to become a bodybuilder, he never took it seriously.

But after seeing Phil Heath win Mr. Olympia 2013, everything changed. He chose to attempt bodybuilding after being awestruck by the champion’s physique and performance. He got in touch with Chris Jones, a bodybuilding promoter and local gym owner, to find out more about the preparation process. Jones gave him advice on the fundamentals of supplementation, posing, diet, and training and urged him to compete in his first match.

In April 2014, Samson competed in his first bodybuilding match. Since it was a newcomer competition, he didn’t have high hopes. He participated in the morning show, and his physique and posing skills won over the judges and viewers. The promoter invited him to compete in the main event later that day after he won first place in his category. He consented, and he had to compete against some of the UK’s top amateur bodybuilders.

Dauda kept competing in amateur competitions while developing his abilities and physique. He took home multiple championships, including the Olympia Amateur UK 2017, the Diamond Cup Rome 2017, and the Arnold Classic Europe 2016. In 2017, he obtained his IFBB Pro card.

He failed to win the gold medal in the men’s bodybuilding division at the British Grand Prix two years later. In addition, he finished in the top 5 at the Portugal Pro that year. He competed in the Arnold Classic UK Pro for the first time in 2021, finishing in second place. After that, he finished the Arnold Classic 2022 in fourth place.

Success Journey

He debuted as Mr. Olympia in the same year and was spotted with a number of well-known people, including Chris Bumstead and Ramon Dino. Even though he finished in sixth place, it was still an impressive accomplishment for him to make his debut. He won the gold medal at the Arnold Classic in 2023 in the Men’s Open division. In addition, he participated in Mr. Olympia in the same category and finished third, just behind Hadi Choopan and Derek Lunsford.

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Height, Weight, Star Sign, Age, and Net Worth

Samson is 32 years old. He probably weighs 112kg and stands 5 feet, 11 inches tall. His worth about $975,000, and his star sign is Pisces.

Age32 years old
Height 112 kg
Weight5 feet 11 inches
Star signPisces
Net worth$975,000

Personal Life

Samson has a spouse. The name of his spouse is Marlenka Dauda. Before deciding to be lifelong partners, the couple dated for a few years. Marlenka is a modest homemaker who enjoys cooking her spouse nutritious meals.

Her occupation suggests that she is a stay-at-home. She posts photos of herself and her partner to her 4.4k-follower Instagram account.

Interesting Facts

  1. His YouTube channel boasts over 35,000 subscribers.
  2. He owns Cerberus, a Cane Corso, and he adores dogs.
  3. There are no tattoos on Dauda’s body.
  4. He has 463k followers on Instagram, where he posts pictures and short videos.
  5. He eats six meals a day during prep season and the offseason. They consist mostly of pre-workout shakes, and he usually eats steak or chicken for meat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is Samson Dauda?

Samson Dauda is a Nigerian bodybuilder and IFBB professional candidate who was born on March 11, 1992. In the bodybuilding world, he is often known as “The Nigerian Lion.”

Q2. How tall is Samson’s bodybuilder?

He stands  5 feet 11 inches tall.

Q3. Where does Samson Dauda train?

He worked out at the CHF Gym in Braintree, UK. He started with calf raises on a leg press, then switched to donkey calf raises in a superset fashion, which is a technique Dauda used to increase intensity during the workout.

Q4. Does Samson have kids?

No, Samson does not have kids.

Q5. How much is Samson’s net worth?

His worth is about $975,000.

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