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Soft Sparking Age, Height, Personal Life, Career, and Net Worth

Soft Sparkling, actual name Leicht Perlig, is a well-known German Instagrammer and social media influencer. With more than four million followers, she has captured the internet world with her breathtaking photos and videos. Soft Sparkling has established herself in the sector, becoming one of the most recognisable faces on the platform. Her Instagram popularity has skyrocketed, and her success only continues to grow. 

Real nameLeicht Perlig
NicknameSoft Sparking
ProfessionFashion Model, TikTok Star
Well-known forInstagram Posts and TikTok Videos

If you’re curious about her, you can learn about her age, height, hometown, income, romantic partner, family, background, and other interesting details right here. Keep reading to find out more!

Early Life of Soft Sparking

She was born in 1993, and her current age is 31 as of 2024. Growing up in a small German town, she had a natural curiosity and a desire to learn. Soft had a strong interest in the arts at a young age, especially photography and videography.

This prompted her to seek a degree in Fine Arts, where she sharpened her skills and established a distinct artistic style. Throughout her study, Soft had the opportunity to travel and acquire inspiration from other cultures and settings.

This broad upbringing and educational background have surely contributed to her great talent and success on Instagram.

Date of BirthNot known
Place of birthGermany
Nationality German
Father NameNot known
Mother NameNot Known
College/UniversityNot Known 

Career life of Soft Spraking

Soft Sparkling’s Instagram career has been full with success and opportunity. She has become one of the platform’s most popular influencers because of her amazing photographs and fascinating content.

Her distinct artistic style and commitment to producing high-quality content have gained her the attention of both fans and other influencers. Soft continues to extend her brand and reach by cooperating with other brands and exploring new creative paths.

With her talent and dedication, Soft’s career will undoubtedly develop in the coming years.

Soft Sparkling Social Media Presence

Soft Sparkling has a strong social media presence, engaging people on Instagram with her amazing material. With over four million followers, she has built a passionate community of fans who eagerly await her updates.

Soft Sparkling’s social media participation extends beyond Instagram, as she communicates with her followers on other platforms such as TikTok and YouTube. She inspires and influences her fans by writing entertaining posts and sharing her distinct style and originality.

Soft Sparkling’s social media presence helps her to engage with a global audience while also showing her ability and making a mark in the online world.

Soft Sparkling Controversies and Scandals

Over the years, Soft Sparkling has maintained a cheerful and drama-free internet image. She has avoided issues and scandals, instead focusing on providing high-quality information to her audience.

Soft Sparkling’s commitment to her work and genuineness has earned her the admiration of her fans and other influencers. Her optimistic and inspiring remarks connect with her audience, fostering a caring and welcoming environment.

Soft Sparkling’s ability to be loyal to herself while navigating the online world elegantly is impressive. She is a role model for aspiring influencers, demonstrating that success is possible without sacrificing ethics.

Soft Sparkling Awards and Achievements

Soft Sparkling has received various prizes and accolades as an Instagram celebrity. Her outstanding talent and distinct style have gained her admiration and praise from fans and industry professionals.

She has received recognition for her fascinating material and artistic vision, cementing her place as one of the platform’s most important figures.

Soft’s passion and commitment to creating high-quality content have not gone unnoticed, as she continues to be praised for her amazing photographs and films. Her accolades and accomplishments demonstrate her hard work and talent, solidifying her position in the online world.

Soft Sparkling Future Plains

Her future appears promising as she continues to rise in her job as an Instagram star. Her talent, dedication, and expanding influence open up unlimited opportunities for her.

We should expect to see even more gorgeous videos as she broadens her reach and collaborates with different brands.

Her soft devotion to honesty and high-quality material will continue to inspire and enchant her fans. Soft’s future plans include intriguing undertakings and adventures, and her followers are eager to see what she has in store for them.

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Height, Weight, Star Sign, Age, and Net Worth

Soft Sparking is 31 years old, 5 feet 5 inches tall, and weighs approximately 62 kg. She looks lovely with her dark brown hair and blue eyes. Soft Sparkling’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $800,000 . Her zodiac sign is unknown.

Age31 years old (as of 2024)
Height5 feet, 5 inches
Weight62 kg
Star signNot Known
Net worthApproximately $800,000 
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorBlue

Personal Life

Soft Sparkling lives in a close-knit household with caring parents and supporting siblings. Her parents have always been her biggest fans, encouraging her hopes and aspirations throughout her rise to prominence. Soft Sparkling frequently shares photographs and events with her family on Instagram, demonstrating their close affinity. Soft Sparkling has kept her partnerships pretty discreet. She has yet to officially divulge any details about her husband or boyfriend. Her job and Instagram brand have been her primary focus.

Soft Sparkling has not made any public statements about having children. As a well-known Instagrammer and social media influencer, she has concentrated on developing her brand and attracting her audience with visually appealing material.

While Soft’s followers may be inquisitive about her personal life, she has opted to keep it private. Instead, she focuses her time and energy on her job and inspiring her admirers with her tremendous talent. Soft Sparkling’s dedication and passion for her craft have made her a popular figure online, and her fans eagerly await updates on her interesting projects and experiences.


Soft spends her free time pursuing various hobbies that allow her to relax and express her creativity. Here are some of the hobbies that bring delight into her life:

  • Photography: Her fondness for photography extends beyond her Instagram job. She enjoys seeing new places and capturing the beauty of her surroundings through her lens. Soft enjoys travelling and discovering new cultures and environments. Travel allows her to find inspiration for her work and broaden her artistic horizons.
  • Fashion: Soft, with her perfect sense of style, is constantly experimenting with fashion trends and creating distinctive ensembles. She likes to express herself through fashion and share her looks with her followers.
  • Reading: Soft escapes into a nice book. She enjoys getting lost in the pages of fiction, self-help books, and poetry, as well as extending her education.
  • Cooking: Soft enjoys experimenting with new recipes and preparing great meals in her home. Cooking allows her to express her creativity while also trying different flavours and cuisines.
  • Yoga and Meditation: Soft prioritises self-care and makes time to practise yoga and meditation. These hobbies assist her achieve inner serenity while also keeping her mind and body healthy.
  • Volunteering: Soft believes in giving back to the community and frequently takes part in volunteer events. She feels fulfilment in having a positive impact and assisting those in need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How did Soft Sparkling become famous on Instagram?

Soft gained fame on Instagram through her stunning pictures and videos. Her unique   style and creative content caught users’ attention worldwide, leading to a large following of over two million fans.

Q2. What is Soft Sparkling’s real name?

Soft real name is Leicht Perlig. She has kept her true identity a well-guarded secret, but her captivating online persona as Soft has made her one of the most recognizable figures on Instagram.

Q3. How tall is she?

She is 5 feet, 5 inches tall, and weighs around 62 kg.

Q4. Is Soft Sparkling married or in a relationship?

As of now, Soft has not publicly disclosed any information about her husband or boyfriend. She prefers to keep her relationships private and focuses on her career and building her brand on Instagram.

Q5. How much is her net worth?

Her estimated net worth is approx $800,000

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